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Founded in 2013 by Ramon Gomes Reis, President & CEO Nimofast has become a global energy and commodities trading company. 

Nimofast is a young and fast-growing company and has, due to its network and expertise, a strong position in Brazil. Nimofast is active in energy trading and – infrastructure and has positions in a fully integrated chain for fuels from import, port access, storage, trading, distribution and resale in Brazil.


2018 Roland Van Assche, Former Port  of Rotterdam Executive and commercial director and former Manager Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, has joined the company as Vice-President and head of infrastructure projects, with his vast experience running the LNG projects at the Port of Rotterdam we now have a great collaborator and partner to enrich our company projects.


2020 Nimofast has worked hard to restructure our group and place our company in the center of the best financial market in the world. The new office in London will provide the company access to bank facilities, to support our trade and expand our services in latin america.


Our Brazilian presence in the states of Parana and Sao Paulo requires a ANP and Sixcomex license, capital to secure the local tax office rules and our experience to import and operate the logistics and fiscal rules in Brazil, has placed Nimofast in the lead process of marketing products in the region. We have developed a risk management program to secure our process following a strict compliance structure (GCC), our team is training constantly to score an important milestone in compliance.

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United Kingdom

Brazil - SP

Brazil - PR


L.A. de Herrera 1248 of. 501 - World Trade Center
(11300) Montevideo - Uruguay
Nº  R.U.T. número 217234080016

Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UNITED KINGDOM
Number 12856737

Rua Conceição, no. 233, sala 916, Centro,
Campinas/SP, CEP: 13010-050 - Brasil

CNPJ: 77696235000437


Rua XV de Novembro, 964 - 3° Andar
Centro, Curitiba - PR, CEP: 80060-000, Brasil 
CNPJ: 77696235 0001 94

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