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NIMOFAST is a TRADYNG that offers commodity solutions in general, promoting access to external products through import or export. In addition to the vast commodities market, NIMOFAST was a pioneer in 2016 in the import of oil products, Diesel via river [ladario], we are focused on expansion projects in the distribution of energy in the Brazilian market with the objective of converting diesel x gnl, bringing investments to Brazil to provide energy through LNG import, we have the necessary market expertise, Brazilian regional logistics science, infrastructure always seeking to introduce innovative and creative solutions for energy production, import of commodities.


The industry driven by a large part of oil products, or coal etc ... are some of those responsible for production of Co2 in our atmosphere, we are focused on methods and solutions for importing clean energy and converters across the diesel industry, that is, of industrial origin diesel plants for road transport, trucks, diesel buses ... for LNG making the transport network and industries with low CO2 emissions, to make our air cleaner, transpote more economical and the best cost and benefit in terms of energy.

Working methods

We follow careful and in-depth international compliance that make us unique and establish NIMOFAST as your long-term strategic partner in energy and commodities trading.
We invest our efforts in market analysis and risk models to ensure that our clients' businesses remain sustainable, and thus maintain a cycle that generates trust and satisfaction in all of our operations.
Eventually, we at NIMOFAST aim to create an atmosphere of trust between our business partners, with expertise in the international market, knowledge of the Brazilian market that involves a lot of Brazilian expertise, regional geographic culture of each Brazilian state, thus making all our transactions smooth, efficient and transparent. transactions, these are the main characteristics of NIMOFAST.

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