We have training sessions for every employee covering many areas such as ABC, AML, market abuse and market conduct, economic sanctions, and other topics. 

Please download our Code of Ethics in portuguese (soon we will provide a english version)


Brazilian market is our focused market and we follow a strict compliance procedure.

- Documentation should be requested for registration of the customer and importer in Brazil;
- Analyze documentation received and carry out the consultations in the organs and companies. all query statuses must be active and / or able:
1) Federal income;
2) Oil regulatory agency (ANP);
3) Secretary of the state farm of the federation unit;
4) Municipal city hall of the federation unit;
5) Business board business registration of the unit of the federation;
6) Federal procedural consultation body;
7) Companies accredited and specialized in credit and risk analysis;
8) Issuing certificates of regularity of all the organs listed above;
- Consultations and documents should be digitized;
- Report in the worksheet of the data consulted and approval or not of the registration of the client and importer in Brazil.


- Closing of the commercial contract:
1) Product definition;
2) Definition of price;
3) Definition of financing;
4) Definition of term;
5) Definition of mode of incoterms;
6) Definition of place of delivery;
7) Definition of the modality of the importation to close the exchange, if direct import, or if import by account and order of third parties.
- Signature of the original routes of the contracts, sent 1 original route to each part per DHL or any similar post currier.




Nimofast's Compliance Department is bound by strong corporate governance, We have created a (GCC) which provides a robust process for identifying risks to ensure effective risk mitigation

compliance (1).jpg

- Issue and signature of all parties in the sales order;
- Issuance of packing list, proforma and commercial invoice;
- Follow-up of travel and delivery of merchandise;
- Follow up process of nationalization of merchandise in Brazil;
- Release of the goods for loading:
1) If defined in contract advance payment, merchandise is only released upon confirmation of receipt of the customer in bank account (via wire swift);
2) If defined in contract payment with term, merchandise is only released by sending warranty pre-established in contract;
3) Before crediting the bank transfer account, the company is subject to bank compliance, following international and Brazilian rules of receipt. where we provide bank account managers documentation of transaction verification:
3.a) Commercial invoice;
3.b) Bill of lading;
3.c) Banking control worksheet.
4) After approval of banking compliance the transaction is consummated between the parties.

Our company is training for the future:

Compliance and application of all rules of Prevention and Combat against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorist Activities;
Development of internal and external rules of conduct and compliance;
Training of professionals in procedures, qualification and adherence.

Please download our procedures and Ethics Code