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Nimofast is a trading company in the foreign market for importing fuel into Brazil.
We are working hard and developing projects to change the energy matrix with the focus and objective of bringing alternatives in the clean energy sector to Brazil.



Founder President & CEO

Ramon Reis:
Nationality: Brazilian


Entrepreneur, founder of Nimofast Group.

Developed and implemented Diesel import operations in the Paraguay River on the Bolivia Brazil border between 2014 and 2019, generating revenues of more than R$500 million per year in the region, to supply the Brazilian market with diesel for the agriculture and distribution sector in Brazil.

From 2019 to 2020 he was a consultant for Gunvor Group in the area of Fuel and LNG in  Brazil. Highly knowledgeable  in all aspects regarding fuel- and LNG trade, opening the Natural Gas market in Brazil and especially in LNG market pricing and sourcing.

Today Mr. Reis is the lead in a project to develop the first terminal of LNG in the State of Paraná, Antonina LNG Terminal, and it will be the first terminal with focus on distributing LNG in small-scale for the Brazilian market in the region.

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