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Diesel to Natural Gas LNG trucking?

As one of the largest trucking markets in the world, Brazil is highly attractive for the use of LNG as a fuel


  • Over 60% of the cargo in Brazil is transported by trucks and 90% if you exclude crude oil and iron ore

  • Brazil has the third largest trucking market in the world with 2.6 million trucks on the road. Most of the
    transportation companies own 1 truck and are self employed


  • The Brazil freight and logistics market is expected to witness a CAGR of > 2% during the period of 2020 – 2025

  • Large trading houses and producers of grains, sugar, coffee, ethanol etc are for a big part driving the need of transportation and are always looking for ways to lower their cost of transportation


Lower cost for transportation

Natural Gas & LNG

Nimofast is developing its first Liquefied Natural Gas Import & Distribution  Terminal in Brazil to support our customers by providing natural gas and by accelerating the energy transition from fuels  to low carbon emissions.


Lower emissions


Lower cost for transportation


Flexible in use.
Multiple corridor options

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