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Nimofast Reporting Center

The Whistle-blower Channel is created in order to receive, investigate and resolve irregularities related to all acts involving Nimofast.
In this way, anyone inside or outside our company can formalize their report through our Whistle-blowing Channel. Our trade company activities on fuels and Natural gas, once received, the Ombudsman sector and the Ethics Committee will evaluate and investigate the case, and if applicable, the necessary sanctions will be applied.

Form to report center of Nimofast 


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The data and information contained herein will be treated confidentially. The whistle-blower is allowed to expose its identity, in case of an anonymous report, we will preserve his identity. For a better investigation of the facts, state the complaint in detail, indicating all its circumstances.
We remind you that imputing a false crime to someone is a crime provided for in article 138 of the Penal Code, therefore, we count on your commitment to the truth.

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