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Brazil Chamber approves new regulatory framework for natural gas, which goes to the Senate

The Chamber of Deputies approved on Tuesday (1st), by 351 votes to 101, the bill that establishes a new regulatory framework for the natural gas sector. The text changes the regime for the exploitation of gas pipelines in Brazil, which will pass from concession to authorization. The proposal also breaks the states' monopoly on natural gas distribution. The matter now goes to the Federal Senate.

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Ramon Gomes Reis, Ramon Reis

The text, which concentrates more serious discussions for at least four years, is expected by companies in the sector, by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (which considers the project as strategic) and by the Ministry of Economy - which foresees investments of up to R $ 43 billion with the transformation of the bill into law. The team led by Paulo Guedes defends regulatory changes in several sectors of the economy, with gas being part of them.

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The PL rapporteur, Mr Laércio Oliveira (PP-SE), stated that the proposal will bring competitiveness and make the product cheaper. “The new gas law will re industrialize Brazil, increase government revenues and reduce the cost of gas for companies, businesses and even homes. In a few years, when the Brazilian is at home cooking with his canister, which he managed to buy cheaper, we will know that this was the result of an important choice that we made on this day ”, he said.

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"Whenever there is this healthy competition, it returns to the benefit of the final consumer," said the leader of the PV, Enrico Misasi (PV-SP), who is from the same party as the author of the article, former deputy Antonio Carlos Mendes Thame. According to Misasi, natural gas is less polluting and will replace diesel oil in several industrial parks. “It is not ideal, but it is a step in the long process of energy transition”, he evaluated.

Also in favor of the new regulatory framework, the leader of Novo, Paulo Ganime (RJ), celebrated the approval of the matter. “This law will help us to overcome the crisis. It is not a law of Paulo Guedes, it is not a law of the current government, ”he said.

Contrary to the project, the opposition stated that the project is "surrender" and will not cheapen the price of gas in Brazil. "We are totally privatizing Petrobras," said deputy Ivan Valente (Psol-SP).

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