Creating a turnkey solution - LNG - Parana -Brazil - Nimofast

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Nimofast is developing a turnkey solution for our LNG customers in Brazil, with major partners of the LNG industry. We believe is an environmentally friendly supply of Natural Gas (LNG) for the Brazilian market and we expect the project to be announced very soon.


The state of Parana and its neighbors states will be supplied with natural gas for their industry, power plants and distribution gas companies a cheaper, secure and more ecofriendly energy.

Blue corridors will benefit a new entry of LNG for converting diesel trucks and cars (gasoline and Ethanol) to natural gas, thus reducing fuel costs up to 30% for carriers, passing this benefit on to the chain of consumers of these services.

More information: TPPF Terminal de Antonina What is LNG Turning Natural gas in to LNG

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