NIMOFAST Consorsiun was selected by GT SUL distribution gas companies

Piped gas distributors in the Center-South of the country selected Shell, Petrobras, GasBridge, Trafigura, EBrasil, Compass, New Fortress, Nimofast, CRVR, Cocal and Tradener as suppliers to continue in the negotiation stage of the Coordinated Public Call (CP22). The public call for gas purchase gas purchase received more than 130 proposals and selected 11 of the 13 potential participating suppliers. In total, the contracting potential exceeds 6 million m³/day.


According to a joint statement from MSGÁS, GasBrasiliano, Compagas, SCGÁS and Sulgás, the objective is that, throughout the second half of the year, distributors will sign new supply contracts, covering natural gas supply periods as of 2022.

"Our objective with the public call among the distributors in the Center-South is to have new supply conditions that enable the development of the market, with the diversification of supply agents, and that better meet the needs of our consumers, reaching a gas with a price more competitive”, says Rafael Lamastra Jr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abegás and CEO of Compagas.

This is the second public call made by distributors in the Center-South. The first ended up contracting only with Petrobras. YPFB, Shell, Petrobras, Total, Golar and Repsol were selected to go through the third stage of the first public call, with an expected acquisition of 10 million m3/day, but were unable to close contracts.

Distributors defend adjustments to the current regulatory model and alignment of supply contracting schedules with distributors and of transport capacity with carriers.

“The large number of participants demonstrates that the bottleneck for increasing the use of natural gas and stimulating the region's economy today is the issue of transport. It is essential to look for alternatives to solve this limitation”, highlights Carlos Camargo de Colón, CEO of Sulgás.

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