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GNLink secures access to LNG by signing an LNG supply contract with Nimofast

Press release


Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil / Zurich, Switzerland, November 1, 2022 - This week, GNLink Distribuidora de Gás Natural S.A., signed a Term of Commitment with Nimofast Brasil S.A. The company is licensing an LNG import and distribution terminal in Brazil in the State of Paraná, to supply 100 thousand m3/month of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), which is equivalent to 2 million m3 of NG (Natural Gas) per day and circa 0.6 MMTPA, starting in 2025.

This contract and volume guarantee GNLink to have access to LNG and to offer and supply LNG to its customers. By having integrated services for LNG, filling, storage, transportation and regasification, GNLink will obtain a dominant supply position in the gas & energy market in the southern and southeast states of Brazil.

Marcelo Rodrigues, CEO at GNLink said: “The access to competitive LNG is crucial for us to further develop our company as a gas distribution player in Brazil. It is our vision to contribute for energy transition at the market supplying LNG to our customers by road transportation, and LNG barges across the coastline of Brazil”. GNLink is controlled by Lorinvest, an asset manager that invests and develops innovative, scalable projects committed to sustainable principles since 1953.

Nimofast Brasil S.A. is an LNG project development company with its roots in trading. By being the authorized local partner for the largest independent LNG trader in the world for many years, and by developing its own LNG import and distribution terminal in the State of Paraná, Nimofast has developed a strong and reliable position for LNG sourcing to its clients and partners in Brazil. Nimofast is fully licensed and authorized by ANP to import LNG to Brazil.

Nimofast President Ramon Reis: “With the contract of GNLink, Nimofast acquired enough volumes to justify FID (Final Investment Decision) and to start operations in 2025. Earlier this year, Nimofast signed a supply contract with energy trader Migratio Gas. We also would like to thank Maius GmbH for its ongoing support to structure a successful package for Nimofast to finance the LNG-project, despite the current complex environment”.

Maius GmbH, a Swiss structuring and project finance advisor, is advising Nimofast on the structuring of its debt and equity, strategic partnerships, and risk mitigation of the project. The solutions uniquely integrate insurers, industrial partners, and financiers, reducing and sharing the risk, thereby securing a significant reduction in project risk and finance cost. We are proud to be the lead adviser for this privately funded market leading project that will contribute to the energy transition and security in Brazil” said Stefan M. Rohmer, Maius GmbH’s CEO. “We are pleased to be able to leverage our experience and partnerships to contribute innovative solutions in applying bespoke risk mitigation strategies and sourcing international capital.”

20221031 Press Release Nimofast GNLink final
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  • Contacts GNLink: Marcelo Rodrigues, + 55 21 98747-7773 or visit

  • Contacts Nimofast: Ramon Reis, Tel. +55 41 4042 0376 | or visit

  • Contacts Maius GmbH: Stefan M. Rohmer, +41-79-476 9080 or visit

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