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News ANP Brazil: Gasoline specification in Brazil will change from in 2020.

The ANP board approved today (1/16) a resolution that aims to improve the quality of Brazilian automotive gasoline, benefiting the consumer. The resolution will establish the specifications and obligations regarding quality control to be met by economic agents, replacing ANP Resolution 40, of 2013. The revision of the specification for automotive gasoline mainly contemplates three points. The first is the establishment of a gasoline specific mass value range, which means more energy and less consumption. The second is related to distillation parameters (specifically about 50% evaporated distillation temperature, or T50), which affect issues such as engine performance, driveability and engine warm-up. The third is the setting of limits for RON octane rating, already present in the gasoline specifications of other countries. Setting such a parameter proves to be necessary due to new engine technologies and will result in higher performance gasoline for the vehicle. There are two octane parameters - MON and RON. In Brazil, only the MON octane and the octane index (IAD),which is the average between MON and RON, were specified. During the transition period, the values of specific mass, destination 50% and RON, as stated in Resolution 40/2013, remain. hashtag#gasoline hashtag#anp hashtag#nimofast

The new change will take effect from 3th of August 2020.



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