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Nimofast signed a partnership with Kanfer Shipping to sell and deliver LNG via small-scale LNG

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Nimofast signed a partnership with Kanfer Shipping to sell and deliver LNG via small-scale LNG vessels to customers along the Brazilian coast line

kanfer Shipping
Credit: Kanfer Shipping

Tønsberg, Norway / Sao Paulo, Brazil / Zurich, Switzerland, November 22, 2022 - This week, Nimofast Brasil S.A. signed a partnership agreement with the Norwegian Company Kanfer Shipping AS to offer small and medium-scale LNG shipping, small scale floating storage units (FSU) and LNG bunkering solutions to its clients in Brazil from 2025 onwards.

The contract with Kanfer enables Nimofast to provide a full integrated solution to sell and deliver LNG of any volume via small and medium-scale LNG vessels to customers to any location along the Brazilian coast line. The LNG vessels and LNG bunker ships will be loaded via the permanently based FSU at the Nimofast LNG import- and distribution terminal in the state of Paraná.

Kanfer Shipping is one of the world’s most innovative companies for small scale LNG and gas solutions and is based in Norway. Kanfer objective is to help stranded customers in emerging markets to efficiently access LNG through cutting-edge LNG transport and storage solutions, and to provide the world’s ports and shipping fleets with clean and cost-effective bunkering infrastructure to enable them to switch to LNG as a fuel source.

Stig Hagen, CEO at Kanfer Shipping said: “We are very much looking forward to cooperating with Nimofast by using our patented technologies to improve both the availability and accessibility of LNG for the customers in Brazil as well as being cost efficient. Kanfer’s innovative, small-scale solutions for sea transport, storage and bunkering create a virtual LNG pipeline, solving a critical gap in the LNG supply chain”.

LNG Ship kanfer
Kanfer shipping LNG - Credit: Kanfer Shipping

Nimofast Brasil S.A. is an LNG project development company with its roots in trading and is fully licensed and authorized by ANP to import LNG to Brazil. Nimofast recently announced that it secured enough LNG offtake volumes to justify FID (Final Investment Decision) via supply contracts with GNLink, a company controlled by asset manager Lorinvest, and with energy trading company Migratio Gas. The terminal is expected to be operational in 2025.

Nimofast President Ramon Reis: “We noticed that many clients in Brazil, either require relatively small volumes of LNG, or do not have suitable port infrastructure to build or to justify their own LNG import terminal. Via the partnership with Kanfer Shipping, we are able to offer and deliver LNG to any customer along the Brazilian coastline regardless the requested volumes or port draft limitations. We also see LNG bunkering as a growth market to meet environmental- and economic objectives by using LNG as a fuel in shipping”.

Kanfer shipping
LNG via small-scale - Credit: Kanfer Shipping

Maius GmbH, a Swiss structuring and project finance advisor, is advising Nimofast on the structuring of its debt and equity, strategic partnerships, and risk mitigation of the project. “We congratulate Nimofast and the partners on achieving another important milestone that will contribute to the energy transition and security in Brazil. We are proud to be part of the team and to be the lead adviser for this privately funded market leading project” said Stefan M. Rohmer, Maius GmbH’s CEO.

- Contacts Kanfer Shipping AS: Stig A. Hagen, +47 413 599 80 or visit

- Contacts Nimofast: Ramon Reis, + 55 41 4042 0376 or visit

- Contacts Maius GmbH: Stefan M. Rohmer, +41-79-476 9080 or visit

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