Parity import prices gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, LPG Brazilian market last publication 7th July 2020

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

  • Weekly average of import parity prices (PPI) ¹ for gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene (QAV) and LPG for the previous week.

  • The objective is to provide society with a reference for the formation of fuel prices in the country, based on the weekly average of prices raised by S&P Global Platts for different delivery points.

  • This initiative is part of the process of increasing transparency in the formation and disclosure of prices conducted by the ANP to facilitate the monitoring and understanding of the variation in fuel prices by society.

For gasoline, diesel and QAV, import parity prices are disclosed at the ports of Itaqui (MA), Suape (PE), Aratu (BA), Santos (SP), Paranaguá (PR), Manaus (AM) and Tramandaí ( RS), considering the value of the product, taxes and costs of freight, handling, storage and associated services.

Additionally, prices are disclosed at the delivery points of Guamaré (RN), Duque de Caxias (RJ), Betim (MG), Cubatão (SP), Mauá (SP), Paulínia (SP), São José dos Campos (SP) , Araucária (PR) and Canoas (RS), which also include road freight costs.

LPG prices refer to PPI at the ports of Suape (PE) and Santos (SP), considering the composition of 70% propane and 30% butane.

All published prices do not include taxes.

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Source ANP 2020

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