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Oil derrick

Energy Supply

Middle Distillates

Middle distillate trading represents a central aspect of Nimofast’s trading portfolio. Nimofast trades a full range of middle distillates, including heating oil, diesel and jet fuel A1.

Refueling a Car


The LPG desk, which started physical trading in 2019, sources and supplies globally. Nimofast’s access to terminals and storage in strategic locations enables it to operate efficiently across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Gas Burner

Bitume & Base Oil

Asphalt/Bitumen trader, Nimofast has  signed joint ventures with  strong partners that maintain a dedicated fleet of bitumen vessels comprising of various DWT, enabling the company to supply customers bituminous binders and asphalts, such as penetration graded bitumen/asphalt, viscosity graded bitumen, polymer modified bitumen (PMB)/polymer modified asphalt (PMA), and bitumen emulsions/asphalt emulsions. Nimofast is also active in the international trade of base oil and  blending activities  of lubricants.

Countryside Road


Nimofast’s has  Gasoline trading specialists in offices around the globe. Access to blending, storage and logistics facilities enables us to take advantage of the arbitrage that arise from often-significant price differentials that exist between  the different markets and  various countries.

Types of Gasoline


Nimofast is developing the Brazilian market and have imported naphtha using our ANP authorization. Our secured access to storage capacity in the main ports in which we source volumes provides a significant advantage in terms of flexibility.

oil tanks

Crude oil

We further have crude oil trading specialists in offices around the globe.

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Prices practiced by NIMOFAST Prices without taxes, in cash, per term (BRL/m³)


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