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Ramon Reis

Founder & CEO

Nationality: Brazilian Entrepreneur, founder and main shareholder of Nimofast, Mr. Reis is a former CEO of Carpe Diem Holdings S.A and self made entrepreneur. Developed and implemented a complex operation at the Paraguay river from 2014 to 2018 supplying the Brazilian market with Diesel for the agriculture and distribution sector for the brazilian market.

  • Fuels and LNG consultant for Gunvor Group for the brazilian market from 2018 to 2019

  • Head of Nimofast LNG Development for the Brazilian market

  • M&A expertise and participated in major aquisitions in the past 10 years With vast experience in logistics and strategic tax structure, project manager of fuesl ditributions for the brazilian makert, working with major suppliers as Castleton International, Gunvor Group, Trafigura, Raizen Trade, Eneva and China Development Integrated and many others.

Today Mr. Reis manages his companies and creates partnerships to benefit the company position in a growing Brazilian market, leading the company projects with his experienced team.

Ramon Reis
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